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I saw a cat sleeping against a window in Quebec I quickly took a picture of it somehow it became my favorite picture from the bunch.

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Opeth - Harvest


Learning how to make decent subs but still suck :)


Mikael Äkerfeldt


Mikael Åkerfeldt - Opeth

Il n’est trop tarde… Yeah yeah you don’t have to remind me every fookin’ time

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While the United States, Canada and Cuba turned away the St. Louis, a boat carrying 937 Jewish passengers (the Americans actually fired a shot of warning to stop the boat from reaching Florida’s shores), Iranian embassies across occupied European countries rescued 1500 Jews from Nazi brutality by offering them Iranian citizenships and welcoming them to Iran during WWII.

please tell me again about how anti-semitic Iranians are….

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dave mustaine having absolutely no chill

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